EGRET EIGHT V3 | StVO-Version | Factory Second

Type: Scooter
Brand: EGRET



Factory second: Product is new, but has scratches. Technically OK. Pictures are examples.

Full mobility

The EGRET V3 is the ideal if walking would take too long. It is foldable and weights only 14kg. Take it with you in the train, place it your trunk, this scooter is your mobility partner.

350 Watt accelerate you to top-speed (20kph) and the drum brakes stop you reliably.  

8-inch pneumatic wheels and the suspension system (rear) let you fly over the streets.

Build to last: High qualtity is a matter of course. The newest version has better cabelling and a handle for a lock. 

We sustainable provide spare parts and our Hamburg-based service team is always happy to help.


Legalization Highlights: 

  • -Street legal (eKFV)
  • -Licence plate holder
  • -Certified lamps
  • -20 kph top speed


12 months


Scope of delivery

  • -Scooter
  • -Battery
  • -Charger
  • -Manuals/Certificates



ADAC Test 2019: Eight E-Scooters, 11/12/2019

Conclusion: "Excellent driving comfort based on a harmonic full-suspension. Strong engine, good range and great handling."



Technical Details: