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Please select if you want to make a warranty claim or if you would like
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Not to be completed if the scooter won't turn on or the display is broken.
Not to be completed if the scooter won't turn on or the display is broken.

About the Error

Please describe the error as detailed as possible.

Have modifications been made to the vehicle?


Please upload the requested account documents and make additional images of the vehicle. Recordings with the mobile phone are sufficient for all images. The imagery allows us to assess the damage and repair Associated. The more information you are delivering, the faster and more effectively we can work with. Specifically, the audio recording of the video can help us to identify errors on the engine.

Filled out by dealers only

These fileds should only be filled out by official EGRET dealers. If you are an endcustomer, please choose the option "endcustomer in the first dropdown of this form.


If we detect, that warranty is not applicable after review in our workshop we will charge a flat fee of 30,00€ + the  costs for delivery  with our partner UPS. Additionally we will provide a proposal for the neccesarry repair & spare parts. For heavily soiled vehicles we charge a cleaning fee of 15,00€.


Repair requests are normal inquireies for paid repairs. (e.g.: In case you had an accident with your vehicle and the handlebar is bent.)  Simply fill out the form and you will receive further information via email.


Malfunctions, that are caused by mistakes in the production process are fixed for free. To make use of the warranty your case has to meet certain conditions .
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